The Linden Tree:  Sculpture with Clay   Near the beginning of making a realistic portrait sculpture. The toothpicks mark the high points, their position determined using calipers in a method developed during the Renaissance and learned from a book by student of Rodin's. The student will build up the clay to the ends of the toopthpick. This will ensure the basic proportions, shape and placement of features are correct. After that, the student will work out the details through careful observation and alalysis. Once a sculpture is complete it is fired and, if necessary, mounted. This class, Portrait Sculpture, is immensely rewarding. It runs for six or 8 weeks and is taught by a classicly trained sculptor who studied at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts with teachers who made the busts for the White House, the innaugural medals and the back of the Lincoln penny.

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Last updated August 15, 2010