Current Schedule

Art for Teens:  Mon.   5-7
Kids Art Studio (6-8  y.o.): Tues.  4-6
8-12  y.o.: Tues.  5-7
Other days/times may be available on request
email or call 707-746-5516 (leave message).

Fees: 4 2-hr. classes are $115 for age 12 & under;
 $130 for 13 and up.

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Linden Tree Art Classes

We believe that not only is art fun, it is essential. It is a way of thinking and describing, understanding and interacting  with the world as well as sharing it.

Join us and take an art class at The Linden Tree. Please take a look at some of the things we have to offer. Click on image to enter.

Last updated  Sep 27, 2019